#DailyTip : How to Partition Hard Disk in Windows 7

If you wish to partition your disk into multiple numbers of logical units then the following steps will definitely help you. If you perform partition on your own then you can have your operating system separated from your data. This separation reduces data corruption risks.

The following few steps will help you effectively partition your hard disk in Windows 7:

  • Step 1: First step is opening the start menu and then typing “computer management”. When the computer management icon shows in the search results, click on it to open the computer management tool window.
  • Step 2: In the computer management tool look for the “disk management tool”. When you click on the disk management tool you will be able to see all the present partitions in your system.
  • Step 3: The Third step is making space for new partition. Choose a partition for resize and right click on it. On right click select the option of “shrink volume”. In case you have no partition, you will be having only C: drive. In that case right click on the C: drive and select shrink volume to reduce its size. Moreover, there might be a predefined partition present called “System Reserved”. Make sure you don’t go anywhere near this partition.

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