#DailyTip : Basic Computer Preventive Maintenance Tip


Small business owners cannot afford for their technology to fail them. Even a short amount of computer downtime can lead to a huge loss of productivity and information, not to mention patience. In order to ensure you are keeping your computer firing on all cylinders, the IT specialists at Staples recommend five weekly tasks anyone with basic computer skills should be able to do.

1. Keep It Clean

The first key to computer preventive maintenance is keeping your computer clean. Moisture and dust are two of electronic hardware’s biggest enemies. You can help control both of them through basic cleaning maintenance such as:

Use Air Dusters: Air dusters allow you to quickly and safely remove dust from sensitive parts of your electronic devices, such as your computer or laptop’s internal fan. Keeping the fan on your computer dust free will reduce the risk of overheating. And don’t forget that keeping your keyboard free of crumbs will help prevent the keys from sticking.

Clean Your Screen: Keeping your screen clean and free of dust particles regularly won’t necessarily improve your computer’s performance, but it will maintain the screen and reduce the likelihood of permanent blemishes, like fingerprint smudges or coffee splashes. Use an antistatic wipe that cleans and protects, leaving your screen streak free.

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