#DaillyTip : How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

Gone are the days when a mobile phone battery life would last for days and even weeks without having glitches of irritating battery low alerts. Nowadays, there are so many. technological components on a mobile phone that make it function well.

By : Marshall Saonga

The fact that today’s technology has led to the manufacturing of mobile phones with powerful Operating Systems, Screen Resolutions, Music Players , Video Players , Applications , Cameras , GPS makes a phone’s battery life almost difficult to manage. The fuel consumption of a  Mercedes Benz with a v12 engine requires one to keep on refilling their tank,  same as it is with smart phones on recharging its battery.

The good news is, there are several ways in which a smart phone battery consumption can be saved to prolong its life. Developers have come up with ways and means to make sure that you use your smart phone battery lasts all day long.

1. Switch off/Reducing Vibrations Alerts
The use of vibrations is a serious battery usage option, every notification on the phone will be vibrating which means the phones battery will be heavily used up, this is due to the fact that vibrations use more battery power than ringtones. At times the use of vibrations is due to the fact that you do not want your mobile phone to ring; in that case the vibration magnitude should be lessened. This will add battery life of a smartphone to last .

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