Cyber Security Workshop For Vumba

Cadton Investment is hosting a two-day workshop on Cyber Security in the resort area of Vumba next week under the theme, ‘Moving into Cyberthreat intelligence: Developing strategies’.

The workshop, which starts on October 16, covers cyber security topics as well as how government and organizations can work together to develop solutions for the future.

The topics under discussion include the ICT landscape in Zimbabwe, cybercrime, and costs to the industry, big data analytics and cyber-security, evolution and growth of threat intelligence systems.

The symposium will be running in course with the national cyber-security public awareness campaign which is meant to escalate the fight against cyber threats to businesses and the nation at large.

Cybercrime currently costs the world almost $600 billion each year and estimates are that by 2021 the global cost of cybercrime would have grown to $6 trillion, and this includes damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost property, intellectual property theft, and other areas.

The workshop will be attended by chief information officers, IT auditors, IT security managers and IT systems administrators, compliance and risk managers.

Network managers and personnel administrators, IT managers and administrators, systems analysts, developers and programmers and microfinance organisations are also part of the people expected to be in Vumba for this workshop.

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