Cyber Crime Is Not A Joke: Mandiwanzira


Issues of Cyber Crime and Security threats are a global phenomenon that must be taken seriously as millions of lives have been lost and images soiled as a result of Cyber related offenses, ICT, Postal and Telecommunications minister Hon Supa Mandiwanzira has said.

Addressing a Cyber Security seminar this morning, minister Mandiwanzira said the international community is grappling with issues of cyber crime and security and governments have to move with speed to address the threat.

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“The issue of Cyber crime and security is a very key security issue even across the globe, as you heard the Permanent Secretary speaking Eng Sam Kundishora, the reality is that its not just Zimbabwe that’s cracking its head on how to deal with cyber attacks or computer and cyber crime, the global societies are battling as well.

“Even some countries we thought were at advanced systems technologically to deal with some of the problems . You heard the British Prime Minister Theresa May expressing some serious concerns on how to deal with Social Media because that’s what Terrorists are using  to communicate and launch attacks on  the citizens.

ICT Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira with ZICT President Eng Rwodzi

“Its not the first time we are hearing about such in the UK, previous PM David Cameron even proposed to bad Viber because they were not able to crack into their systems in order to monitor and listen to conversations,” said Mandiwanzira.

He added that the other problem the world was facing was fake news especially in Zimbabwe where fake news is posted on social media in a bid to disrupt normal lives.

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Meanwhile, government is working on engaging the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and regional ICT bodies for collaboration on crafting national and regional policies to combat cyber crime.

“Organisations such the ITU, have gone along way in crafting documents such as the ITU national cyber security guide. We will appeal as a country to the ITU and regional bodies for collaboration on crafting of national and regional policies to combat cyber crime,” said Mandiwanzira.

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