"Customer Service Industry Getting Digitalised," (CCAZ)

The  3rd Annual Customer Service Conference , hosted by the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ), was held yesterday at The Rainbow Towers, Harare. Among the huge number of organizations represented at this conference, was the TMC Customer Product award winner for 2014, Drishti-Soft Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

By Phinias Shonayi

CCAZ is a body whose concern is Customer Care,and service delivery, an industry which our local mobile network operators fall under.

Drishti is an innovator of Contact Center Software and Enterprise Communication Applications. Working in the domain of Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions, they deliver futuristic apps to simplify communication and customer service.

AMEYO, a customer communication app, combines real-time, event-driven, multi-channel software that most businesses need to employ today.

Drishti, an Indian dialect term for ‘foreseen future’ defines well the character of the business. Mr. Sam Alexander, the Regional Director gave the following stats concerning customer desires:

  • 57 % of all customers are not satisfied with call centre experience.
  • 35% maintain relationship with the service provider based on customer service and reputation.
  • 3% of customer interactions happen through low cost channels.
  • 71% of customers consult family, friends before committing to an unfamiliar service.

AMEYO is IP- based and has a number of components to bring to the customer; an all-in-one solution for managing interactions to improve customer experience, business efficiency and monitor productivity. Ameyo means boundless.

Among many other functions, Drishti-Soft offers the following in the AMEYO Application:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which handles large call volumes, converts text-to-speech (TTS) integration, Email, SMS, Fax integration, etc
  • Parallel Predictive Dialer (PPD), applies skill-based dialing for targeted outbound campaigns.
  • ACD with Intelligent Routing- links a caller to a specific call centre in their geographical area.
  • Voice Logger- enables staff and supervisors to review actual telephone conversations with the customer ensuring timely responses.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI/CRM)- pops screens with customer information for the agent.
  • AMEYO PACE (Pro Active Connect Enhancer) is the brains of the AMEYO. It integrates the customer’s previous calls, previous desires and queries to segment them, thereby saving time.Just yesterday, the firm announced the launch of their latest product; Ameyo VoicePlus which improves the audio quality of a phone call by eliminating the disruptions faced in a contact center.Hillary Nyanhongo, the Altfin Life Assurance Marketing & Business Development Executive came on to challenge Zimbabweans to “know where we are, and strategize where we are going”Complimenting Drishti-Soft, he stressed that we only need to harness our leadership call to responsibility and act on the strategies we know we must implement individually and corporately.

    Hon. Deputy Minister Walter Kanhanga of the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality, expressed support for the work CCAZ is doing. “I am fully aware that CCAZ upholds customer service values for the enhancement of the economy; as government we welcome such services” he said

    As a result of their ministry’s work, Zimbabwe was named Best Tourism and Most Preferred Tourism Destination by the European Union Council on Tourism and Trade on May 3, 2014.

    “My ministry is excited each time we have such progressive programs; and we have an open-door policy and we promise to attend to any queries at any time possible in line with customer care”, Honorable Kanhanga extended his welcome. Professional services will always in turn offer organizations great dividends in turn.

    A panel discussion followed to draft proposals of a Consumer Service Charter that would act as the nation’s customer service standard in guiding the behavior or service providers where customer satisfaction is concerned.

    The many delegates had an opportunity to air their concerns that will in turn be delivered at the upcoming CCAZ meeting with government

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