Dandemutande Launches Mobile Satellite Solution

Mobile Satellite Solution Launch

Dandemutande Investments, a leading provider of internet services to the wholesale, corporate and retail segments of Zimbabwe, recently launched its Mobile Satellite Solution. This Mobile Satellite Solution can be placed on a vehicle and offers a one‐button, auto‐ acquire VSAT system for reliable broadband internet via satellite. It is capable of handling bandwidth critical applications such as used by Telemedicine, Disaster Management and Emergency Response and provides fast satellite acquisition within minutes while stationary, virtually anywhere where one can drive.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer, Nhena Nyagura said “There is a growing market for customers wanting highly resilient satellite communications solutions to operate where traditional mobile and fixed communication infrastructures are unavailable or unable to support the volume of traffic.

Dandemutande is known for its technical expertise in VSAT solutions and has in recent years won a number of the prestigious Satcom Stars awards for being VSAT Operator of the Year, as well as for Skills Development in Satellite Communications.

About VSAT

VSAT – very small aperture terminal – is a device often known as a small, private earth station, which transmits and receives data, voice and video signals through a satellite. The user’s transceiver is placed outdoors in line of sight to the satellite, complemented by an indoors device connecting the signal to the communications equipment, such as a laptop.

Mobile Satellite Solution

mobile satellite station

About Dandemutande

Dandemutande is a privately owned company established in July 1997. Its primary focus is on the provision of internet services to the wholesale, corporate and retail and consumer segments of Zimbabwe. In May 2015 Dandemutande merged with local ISP’s iWayAfrica, Africa Online. iWayAfrica and Africa Online are both owned by Gondwana International Networks, a Pan African Telecommmunications and ICT service provider based in South Africa with operations in 7 other markets in Africa outside of Zimbabwe (Namibia, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa). They also have VSAT distributor arrangements in more than 30 countries in Africa.


For further information, please contact Sales, Mobile: (263-4) 791675

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