CSI Unveils Smart City Parking.


Chartered Systems Integration (CSI), a Zimbabwean based ICT company has made inroads in the technological solutions as they unveiled a smart city parking technology officially commissioned last week in Rome Italy.

Working Inconjuction with Nabla Framework Roman society which is active in the incubator ITech BIC Lazio, Chartered Systems Integration gave birth to a technological and commercial partnership aimed at creating a joint system of Smart Parking.
By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The system, consisting of infrastructure hardware Sky Light Parking Systems of Nabla framework and software ProPark by Chartered Systems Integration, allows to drastically reduce the inconvenience caused by urban traffic, generated by 30% by drivers looking for parking.

A business Development analyst with CSI, Mr Macdonald Ndovi said this new technology will be seeing its entry soon in Zimbabwe as soon as all the logistical issues have been finalised with the relevant authorities.

Recent study by the Foundation Caracciolo ACI shows that in Italy “only in the five busiest cities in the value of time wasted in traffic is over 5 billion euros.” On balance, a system that avoids addressing the parking lot
cruising (ie, the act of proceeding at a slow pace to find a free place) would result in a potential savings of € 1.5 billion a year.

Thanks to wireless sensors Nabla Framework installed in individual parking spaces at ground level so as not to create inconvenience to pedestrians and people with disabilities, it is possible to detect the beginning and end of the park.

The extreme accuracy in detecting permitted by triple patented technology that combines optical, infrared and magnetic enables both the management of the payment is immediate identification of situations of irregular or stop ticket expired, resulting in sanctions and possible removal.

The integration with the Propark application software developed by CSI allows managers and operators of the parking lot to monitor in real time the status of the payment of seats occupied and issue penalties for illegal situations.
Additional features on the ProPark are its ability to send notifications to motorists on smartphones to remember the ticket expires (next or has already taken place), allowing also to extend the park by a simple SMS.

transcontinental partnership between Italy and Zimbabwe makes available a system Intelligent parking management that can improve the quality of life of the citizen reducing traffic in urban centers and the environmental and noise pollution, increasing revenues from pricing and dramatically reducing costs for the control of offenses that are automatically detected .

The reason that led Nabla framework to develop a sensor of traffic and stop comes from the lack of economic systems and at the same time reliable for the detection of a vehicle under the conditions typical of urban traffic.
Among the feasible solutions with Sky Light Sensor can be quote of mobile information systems, management of parking for people with disabilities, monitoring the flow of traffic into and out of the ZTL or rest areas, logistics support systems for loading / unloading.

Chartered Systems Integration is a locally based leading ICT company founded in 2007 and has grown rapidly in the banking and government in Africa. Today is a leader in providing technology solutions and services in the financial sector and counts among its clients major banks, tax authorities and governmental platforms.
The range of CSI is not limited to Zimbabwe, entrepreneurial initiatives have been launched in Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Uganda, Egypt, Morocco, United Kingdom, United States, India, Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, Germany and Tanzania.
Recently, interest in the field of Smart Cities has prompted the CIS to seek international partnerships to create a solution for intelligent parking.

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