Crypto-currencies can change Africa’s narrative

The world is ever changing and we are in the fourth revolution where everything has gone digital. We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that is altering the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

One of the disruptions which has taken the world by storm is the crypto-currency phenomenon. It has gained popularity globally and even in Zimbabwe.

The gender gap persists in the field of technology but there are many females who are defying the odds to make an impact. TechnoMag caught up with the Co-Founder and CEO of Cryptogem and The Hive Inc Melissa Mwale and she shared on crypto-currency, it’s future and also her online business.

Cryptogem Global is decentralised peer to peer bitcoin trading platform where people around the globe can exchange their local currencies and e-monies to bitcoins.

TechnoMag:Why crypto-currency?
Mellissa:I ventured into crypto-currency because the world is going digital and the era has just begun. I don’t want Africa to be left behind. I fell in love more with the technology which is block chain technology. The idea is to create a border-less platform that will not limit trades to a particular country. The company aims to provide a service that will allow someone in Zimbabwe to buy from someone in the U.K. using PayPal, Skrill or Western Union.

Zimbabweans have been resilient and are still yet to adopt crypto-currencies as compared to other countries on the globe but it is a disruptive force that could change Africa.

TechnoMag: How have Zimbabweans responded to crypto-currency?
Mellissa :Crypto-currency have the ability to change the financial narrative of Africa, break barriers of trade and financial inclusion, because it’s decentralized and and provides transparency we can win the fight against corruption.

Moving to the international standard of online shopping Mwale also is the CEO of The Hive Inc which is one of the countries largest online fashion store. The Hive Inc’s vision is to be Africa’s biggest and best online lifestyle store delivering a superior customer experience worldwide.

This secure online shop has multiple payment methods to choose from such as Debit Visa Cards, Zimswitch, Electronic funds transfer, Paypal, Ecocash, One Wallet, Zipit, Bitcoin and cash on delivery.

Mwale also made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 and got to tell her story of how she sold second hand clothes from the boot of her car, later sold the car to start online business. She has had the opportunity to share her journey in the e-commerce and block-chain industry in Paris at Afrobytes, an African tech marketplace.

She will be speaking at the Seamless Southern Africa 2020 Sumit in South Africa, dynamic summit and large scale exhibition bringing together the converging worlds of banking, fintech and payments

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