Creating a Strong Password That You Can Remember

 By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The major reason why most people would rather stick to that horribly simple password is mainly because complicated passwords are both difficult for  the crackers and the owners themselves hence a much more simpler and easier password always sees the light of the day

I know  of a lot people who  have bad password habits, so bad that they actually defeat the whole purpose of having  password in the first place. This ofcourse also includes usage of bad passwords which I will deliberately avoid in this insert.

Imagine walking to a computer monitor seeing a sticker written “password: iloveyou”. These are obvious signs that that the person has literally given up on taking responsibility to secure his/her own computer or atleast try to even keep it a secret.

This is in violation with the simple rules of passwords. One of them fundamentally is that a password has to be kept private and to borrow a line” just like your toothbrush, do not share it with anyone, and like your underwear just keep it hidden”


Let me hasten to say with my password experience, I have proved that passwords do not make you any safer but honestly makes cracking or guessing against any  unwanted intruders much more difficult.

Imagine creating a very difficult password that even after everyone has read it while you type, no one will still be able to memorise it few seconds after hitting the enter button.

This is the  kind of a password which I hope will excite you and get your digital life much more secure from this day as we step up security throughout our day to day activities. The catch here is something just so difficult to create while it’s so easy to remember.

Instead of using the traditional difficult words, how about using your own passphrase which you know you can’t forget, to create your own passwords.

Sentimental names, occasions birthdays or those memorable coincidences can actually be used to create the most secure password in a very smart way no one can crack easily.

Adhering  to the general premise  that passwords should be long and have a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, of course such Gobbledygook is definitely hard for any brains to remember.

The trick is about creating a very simple sentimental phrase,   then use the first  letter of each word, number or symbol from each word in the phrase, keeping punctuation intact as well.

For example:

MDaughter`s name iGwynn, Born  27 Dec  2014!

The password will be  MdniG,b27D2014! created from the first letters of every word here.


My Daughter`s name is Gwynn, Born  27 Dec  2014 !

This is surely a long, complicated and secure passwords which even, you the owner may not be even required to remember at all but only focus on grasping the phrase that creates the password. You can create any phrase of your own and only train yourself to memorise the phrase, not the password.

The best bet is to simply change your current password to your own passphrase by describing it then you apply the same method to create a new secure password.

This is among ways of creating very difficult passwords but easy to remember you can even pass on the trick  to a friend  especially those who complain about long or new passwords.

Nicole Madziwa

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