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Covid-19 vaccines are not mark of the beast – Dr Madzorera


MDC Alliance Secretary for Health and Child Welfare Dr Henry Madzorera has partially dispelled fear among citizens following his scientific remarks in an exclusive interview with TechnoMag.

Dr Madzorera, a former Health Minister during the government of national unity said the Covid-19 vaccines currently administered around the globe are not the biblical 666 mark of the beast.

Apparently, some people, particularly from the Christian community have not embraced the vaccination drive citing that the process is fullfilling the scriptures.

Some men of the cloth had alleged that the vaccines will kill people in the future and there’s also the theory that Covid-19 vaccines will kill people within 2 years.

Asked whether this was in any way the truth, Dr Madzorera said, ”That is not true. How can they say that? The vaccines that we are using here in Zimbabwe, let me talk about Sinopharm and Sinovac only. Those are same kinds of technologies that we have been using here for dozens of years in Zimbabwe whereby they take the actual virus and kill it to make a vaccine.”

He added, ”In fact we have used them for polio, measles and many other diseases. We haven’t seen people dying after 2 years. So in Zimbabwe that question should not arise because we are not using vaccines from newer technologies.”

”But new technologies come and they will come. In fact, it’s an issue of affordability. These vaccines have been tested by the regulatory authorities. The science behind them is sound and this whole thing of saying the messenger RNA may get incorporated in the human gene and eventually cause changes in our genetic make up , that’s a lack of understanding of the human genome. There’s no way messenger RNA will go to get incorporated in the DNA of humans. It cannot happen from a purely scientific point of view. So these conspiracy theories should just be ignored.”

”Now men of the cloth are delving into areas that they are not qualified to go into. They don’t know the science behind these vaccines and they should avoid implicating God in lies and their lack of understanding. God understands these vaccines very well and he wouldn’t give anybody that kind of vision or prophecy which is obviously a lie,” he added.

Madzorera is a devoted Christian, an ordained pastor with Celebration Church of Zimbabwe.

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Covid-19 vaccines are new technologies different from traditional vaccines – Madzorera

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