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Covid-19 vaccines are new technologies different from traditional vaccines – Madzorera


Former Minister of Health and Child Care in the inclusive government Dr. Henry Madzorera says there is a difference between Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines that were administered prior to the advent of Covid-19.

Speaking exclusively to TechnoMag, Dr Madzorera said the covid vaccines are newer technology with protective properties, what they call in medical terms efficacy.

Madzorera who revived the health sector during the global political agreement (GPA) said:

”Most of the vaccines that we have been using over the last few decades or hundreds of years were made from the simple technology that l explained at first whereby you you take the actual virus. In this case you take the Covid-19 virus and you kill it. And you take those dead proteins and you put them in a vaccine and inject into people.”

He added, ”The body will immediately recognize, in this case spike protein is our major target. You know the spike that looks like little stones coming out of the Covid-19 virus.

So when now the actual virus comes, the body will recognize those proteins and attack the virus and kill it before it overwhelms the body.”

”Now these days as l said, there are newer vaccines. Some of them have never been used before, like the messenger RNA vaccines that we have now. They have really not been used before. It’s new technology and it seems to be working very well.”

”From the data that they are giving us, it seems they are very good and protective properties or what we call efficacy and their safety record seem to be reasonably good. Those are vaccines being used in the modern world like America and so forth.”said Dr Madzorera.

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