Courier Connect and ZAHA Launch Zimba 365, Highly discounted  Air Travel Scheme For Local Traders.

The recently launched Civil Service Travel Bureau a division of Courier Connect  which is a subsidiary of Zimpost today in Harare officially launched a new flagship targeting Zimbabwean SMEs and cross borders who frequent the international flight routes with a new service termed Zimba 365.

In its execution of the 2016 Business plan, Courier Connect identified the informal sector as the biggest air traveling and courier homogeneous market segment hence decided to specifically target the sector with lucrative flight deals and give them access to competitive markets where they can buy directly at lower prices to remain relevant in the highly competitive market.

The deal will see Zimbabwean traders flying across on hefty discounts which has seen the associated airlines adding weight luggage  and fixing airline tickets to promote cross border traders. The move will see the underutilized African airlines move from the current 63% load capacity to the international 83% range.

Addressing delegates during the official signing of the memorandum, The Deputy Minister of ICT Postal and Courier services Dr Win Mlambo commended courier connect for the deal which see Zimbabwean cross boarder traders from South Africa  accorded a high priority, to get their goods cleared  faster at the airport, instead of the Beitbridge border post.

dep min ict dr win mlambo officiate at the courier connect Zimbab 365 launch event

Dep Minister of ICT Dr. Win Mlambo officiating at the courier connect Zimba365 launch event

The memorandum is highly commended as well for solving issues of speed and efficiency by allowing goods to be delivered straight into Zimbabweans, a move which even lessons pressure at the border post and makes clearance of goods faster at the airport.

The Air Zimbabwe representative said that the understanding is sensitive to the indigenous market, hence it will see the airlines driving a fixed air ticket charge plus a 9:30 am flight to Johannesburg while scrapping the additional Air Zimbabwe tax, a move which was received with excitement by various organizational heads.

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“We are fully aware of the inconvenience that the airline tax was to most travelers who only got to know about it at the departure gate, we are excited to also announce that this has also been scrapped off to add convenience to our travelers” he said.


The Courier Connect Board Chairman Mr Tafadzwa  Musarara also said that goods that are going to be transported by the airlines will be delivered direct to the homes of the recipients, while those brought in via  the South African border will not be cleared at the post, but fast forwarded to the  Airport where the courier connect agents will clear them as well.

The move has been welcome as it targets a market segment that comprise of the indigenous informal traders whose contribution to the Gross Domestic Product continue to eclipse Zimbabwe’s formal sector.


Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association,(ZAHA) and Courier Connect officially signed off the Memorandum of Understanding which pronounces a dawn of a new era in the courier business in Zimbabwe.

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