Is the Council Doing Enough to Curb Typhoid ?

Following the article  about Typhoid  which we published recently ,TechnoMag team met up with  Dr K. Masunda  who is one of the doctors at the City council of Harare who gave a more detailed insight on the  outbreak of typhoid in Zimbabwe. He further went on to highlight on measures being taken by the Harare City Council to control this outbreak.

By Delight Mawere

According to a  recent survey in the streets of Harare,1 person  in 5  knows about Typhoid.This is an alarming discovery considering that typhoid is a deadly disease which can lead to death  if unattended to for a long time. A child died in Hopley due to a case of late medical attendance to Typhoid early this year.

Dr Masunda expressed his dismay  and  disappointment with the people of Harare who continue to pay a deaf ear to the warnings of typhoid which they are disseminating to the people through electronic  billboards and adverts in the media.

“Despite the warnings of the council through  the media  and door to door consultations  ,most people in Harare  continue to buy food from unapproved vendors ,using and drinking untreated water and many other situations that pose a threat of infection for them, “People should practice                                                                                   good hygiene:washing hands,fruits and vegetables and                                                                                         cooking food properly.

It is of great interest to note that the council of Harare is doing a lot to curb this outbreak.According to Dr Masunda, the council has  established interdepartmental response teams in affected areas, successful waste management projects in Glenview,Budiriro and Glen-Norah.


Moreso,the council has collaborated with   the department of housing to enforce designed vending sites in areas and are considering  re-pipping the city.

There are also, health promoters  are also travelling in several areas informing the people about typhoid,door to door campaigns and road shows to make sure the public are well informed.

It is disappointing to note however that ,come 5 o’clock we see vendors flooding the streets selling all kind of things including cooked foodstuffs like burgers and fresh chips.In high density suburbs,the situation is even worse as vendors are selling  meet like fish ,chicken out there in the open without proper sanitation.

The council should  find ways to stop this madness before the situation gets out of hand starting with  supplying clean and treated water to the people and collecting refuse material from residential areas on time and many other strategies.

As much as the council may try to  introduce methods of controlling and stopping the spread of typhoid,the other part lies also with the public who should try and  practice safe methods  in their day to day life.

Stop selling  food in unapproved areas without being examined and tested by the responsible authorities,Practice good hygiene,treat all water before drinking and cooking and stop throwing waste material in random dumping sites.

Dr Masunda encouraged the public to seek immediate medical attention in case of experiencing the signs and symptoms of  typhoid like  fever,abdominal pain ,constipation and general body weakness.

Treatment for typhoid is free in City Health hospitals and any other established public hospital.


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