Cost-effective Software Key: President

President Mnangagwa has applauded a local systems solutions company, Univern Enterprises, for developing cost-effective software that has enhanced efficiency in some Government departments. The President visited Univern Enterprises on Saturday.
Univern Enterprises partnered the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) to computerise tollgates.
The systems development company also had a contract with the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) to produce highly secured vehicle registration plates.
By Herald Reporter

Addressing captains of industry in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said during his visit to Univern, which also trades as Southern Region and Trading Company, he was exposed to latest technologies that addressed several challenges associated with the ease of doing business.

“Following my recent tour of Univern Enterprises, I was exposed to a wide range of Information Communication Technology solutions, which enhances efficiency, cut costs of doing business and save time,” he said.

“The world has technologically modernised and the IT sector has overtaken the human element in our day-to-day business administration. I therefore urge stakeholders in the ICT sector to develop software which brings solutions to business.
“Come forward and partner with Government in providing integrated ICT solutions which simplifies systems, procedures and processes in all our daily administrative tasks.”
President Mnangagwa first toured the agricultural equipment side of Univern Enterprises, where he viewed an assortment of modern tractors and highly mechanised planters and combine harvesters.
He also had the opportunity to tour the tollgate centralised management system.
In essence, the system shows real-time activities at all tollgates countrywide managed by Zinara in partnership with Univern Enterprises.
It allows cashiers at tollgates to serve motorists within a minute and if there is any delay, it automatically raises a red flag to central server at the call centre.
President Mnangagwa thanked the Univern directors for spearheading such a world-class project underpinned on modern technologies.
“I realise you can almost monitor the country from here, except the Office of the President,” he said.
“It is very interesting. And most importantly, you have a backup system. We have those boys and girls who we saw who are talking to various centres throughout the country so that problems and challenges can be attended to without delay.
“It is fantastic. It is fantastic. I wish you success, more innovation and more introduction of ICT. You know our young generation, these boys and girls, will adapt to these things very easily.
“Us of the older generation, we just create the environment for them to excel. Those with talent must be rewarded for that talent.”
Last year, Univern Enterprises supplied the Zimbabwe Republic Police with a high-tech electronic traffic management system.
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