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Consumers brace for tough times as ISPs Increase tariffs


Local data consumers should brace for tough times ahead as ZOL Zimbabwe and Telone have reviewed their broadband and wibroniks tariffs to suit the official exchange rate.

This comes after the Postal and Telecommunications and regulatory authority of Zimbabwe ( POTRAZ) allowed telecommunication operators to price their tariffs at the official exchange rate.

Potraz notified the telecommunications players on Wednesday that they can now use dual pricing on their tariffs which is in line with exchange rate regulations.

“In order to facilitate dual pricing under the new exchange rate r, the authority hereby advises all postal and telecommunication operators that the implementation of the dual pricing system shall entail converting the current ZWL tariffs to USD denominated tariffs at an exchange rate of USD1:ZWL25 to arrive at the base USD denominated tariffs.”

“The USD denominated base tariffs will then be converted at the ruling exchange rate as determined by the auction system, to arrive at ZWL denominated tariffs,” Potraz said .

The current official exchange rate from last auction stands at 1:72.140.

Telecom operators in the country have been increasing tariffs as operating costs rise coupled by inflation and a weak local currency.

Telecom operators have started to take action , Telone on Sunday announced a review of broadband tariffs with effect from 1 August at a random pick broadband packages are now pegged at

Home basic 10GB US10.00 zwl 722.00

Home premier 60GB USD 29.00 zwl 2,092.00

For public Wifi 1GB package is costing usd$1 whilst in zwl its pegged at $72.00.

Zol customers had already felt the heat last week following Zol announcement to increase tariffs in line with the official rate with effect from 1 August.

For 10GB ZOL customers will now pay zwl 794 whilst 40GB is now at zwl 2,092.

The review to match the official rate might mean increase if the rate goes up , since an auction system was introduced to determine

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