Computerised Embroidery Takes on Zim Fashion Sector

Gone are the days when clothing branding and printing depended on the cumbersome manual sewing machines or the traditional needle method.

Thanks to technology, the job is now way much easier with the coming in of Computerized embroidery. 

By David Zvina.

Before computers were affordable, most machine embroidery was completed by punching designs on paper tape that then ran through an embroidery machine. One error could ruin an entire design, forcing the creator to start over. but the 21st century has brought about change as computers are making this process efficient and also fast.

During a plant tour of the Cloud Logo organisation in the Harare central business district, we discovered that not only has technology enabled embroidery to be smooth, it has also led to the rise of local entrepreneurs such as John Zvareva who says the technology has made life so easy and convenient.

computerized machines have taken embroidery to a whole new level

“Acquiring the machinery took us some time as they were various challenges we encountered.  On the other hand, local customers still have the mentality that only the white man can produce quality things and breaking that misconception somehow proved to be a challenge.

“Luckily for us, our work speaks for itself and now we have contracts with many schools, churches that are in need of embodied goods for various functions and for their markets. Even major retailers such as Enbee have contracted us  to do our embroidery on their products,” said Zireva.

Computerised embroidery involves automatic formation of patterns which are fed fed into the machine. Thousands of software are used in the process.  Embroidery machine takes DST files, hence digitizing is done for the embroidery designs. You can also get beautiful embroidery designs from your drawings.

Digitizing is a process of converting the image file in digital format and provide a path to follow by the embroidery machine. The accurate digitized file helps to create lovely and perfect embroidery applique. In computerized embroidery formation, you can set the colors and the patterns and the thread material and simply sit down and watch the formation of fashionable patterns on the material according to the material type.

lastly the operator should have plenty of needles, bobbins, a can of air (or small air compressor), a small brush, and scissors..toss out any botched projects due to wrong stabilizer for item, machine malfunction, wrong thread, badly digitized design, etc.repeat the process until success is achieved

When asked about his thought concerning manual and computerized embroidery, Zireva illustrated that machine embroidery uses some digital technology to make beautiful appliqué and in manual embroidery your sewing skills are needed. Nowadays people are taking more interest in computerized embroidery as it is easier and faster to make than manual embroidery. You can get following advantages of machine embroidery. 1) Less labor 2) Time Cost effective 3) More perfection in the finishing of the final product

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