Computer Society Of Zimbabwe introduces a new Chapter

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe (Harare Chapter) yesterday formally introduced the new president Dr Gilford Hapanyengwi and its vision to both its members and non-members during an event held yesterday at Jameson Hotel.

A close to 10minute video playback  key note address, and vote of thanks by the out going President Mr Artwell Mukusha was played before the delegates where Mr Mukusha gave a roundup of the history and past achievements  before he passed the button to Dr Hapanyengwi and wished him well.

Mr Mukusha has been the reigning president for 3 straight years driving ICTs in Zimbabwe and leading other various vital Tech related platforms.

The newly appointed president, Dr Gilford Hapanyengwi gave brief insight into his vision for Zimbabwean  ICTs and urged stakeholders to take advantage of the current ICT development and opportunities presented thereof.

Hapanyengwi Gilford introduces his vision

He emphasized on the need to create and utilise bespoke technologies that solve our day to day problems and need for local apps that brings convenience in the way we shop, communicate and travel.

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe envisions and believes “ICT-Business alignment is key in getting the correct IT solutions to any enterprise.  Use of mobile solutions and good utilization of Big-Data can maximize support to such a properly aligned business concern.  The cocktail of solutions premised in the correct environment of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe can potentially result in a competitive advantage.” said a spokesman from the organisation

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