Computer Society Holds Zim Emerging Techies On ZimAsset Seminar

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe last night held an event dubbed Emerging ideas at Jameson Hotel in Harare where local technology startups  and trending household names shared their ideas, vision and success stories. The event was being twitted live  by various techies with hashtag #cszemergingtechies.

By Tongai Mwenje and Sean Maqhawe Moyo
The emerging ideas event was for tech start ups to presnt their ideas and applications, detailing how they solve day to day problems that affect society in line with the thrust of ZIMASSET.
Technology plays a pivotal role in the fulfillment of the government initiative,ZIMASSET, in that it provides solutions to social and economic challenges. Several start ups and technopreneurs presented innnovative and creative applications that are compatible with ZIMASSET.
Notable amongst the presenters was Astro Mobile represented by their CEO Mr Munyaradzi Gwatidzo who spoke on the Astro products that include their recently launched flagship Virtual 2 (V2) smartphone and the Astro Mobile store.

DSCF7110 - Copy
Mr Gwatidzo stated that the Astro Mobile Store empowers local musicians as well as app developers to make money out of their talents and skills in that it gives them a platform on which to sell their products in an environment that does not allow piracy.
Another advantage that musicians, app developers, writers and other artists is that listing their products is absolutely free of charge and their works are encrypted and they will have a large market of over 500 million people a Astro goes into 22 African countries.
Other interesting presentions included Pay4App, presented by a local programmer, Sam Takunda, this  is an all in one online payment solution that incoperates Ecocash, Telecash ,Visa and ZimSwitch.This is certainly a very usable and convenient payment solution especially for E-Commerce users.
Another interesting innovation presented by Givemore Dube called DenheInfo which is an educational solution that provides a rich traditional Zimbabwean medicinal, linguistic and other cultural knowledge solutions.This is definatley a powerful tool to use in the preservation of our languages and wisdom of ages.
Also on the list to present his product was a Harare Institute of Technology dropout who made an airtime vending machine out of scrap computer parts.Its a creative and enterprising solution to airtime vending as the vending machines will be located in area where vendors and hawkers are prohibited.

Kudazi sadomba, trending on twitter with  talked  about  their app  for  which only has a  presence in India and set to come soon to Zimbabwe soon. 

Chiko Mukwenha,   also  presented at  his concept, this is basically a lead generation tool to connect business and consumers with wshatever they may be lookking for online from selling  old stuff to ready buyers and accomadation platform.

Also on the  emerging ideas was Vidapp, this is an app to learn dricar driving skills which  was developed by two young graduates , namely Farai Zimvumi  (Bcom Honors in Marketing Management-(MSU) and Kevin Ngalonde ( B eng HonsElectronic Engineering-(NUST). 

Young Zimbabweans are taking the bull by its horns in terms of providing solutions to many social and economic challenges facing the country; this certainly blends well with ZIMASSET.

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