Computer Society Announces Summer School 2014


The Computer Society of Zimbabwe will be conducting their Africa’s Regional Summer School 2014 edition from 12- 15 November at the Elephant Hills in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

The Regional Summer School has remained one of CSZ’s flagship events, where there is a cross pollination and sharing of ideas amongst technology users, experts, academia, business and the youth. The 2014 edition coming at the ripe age of 40 builds on the stable foundation of the past. It carries with it the energy and enthusiasm securely tethered to the present realism albeit situated in the disruptive (technology) dynamism of the future. It focuses on the developmental power of information technology governance.

Alan Shirichena

The theme of the summer school is  “IT Governance – A Pillar for Development “. It provides a rallying point for all sectors to come and interrogate how IT in its own right and its application can lead to development.

The theme is meant to give the delegates ample opportunity to consider the transformational capacity and power of well governed IT at the various levels, that is, enterprise, community, national and global. The transformative power of well governed IT that will spur development.

There will be three streams to focus on discussing the theme:

1. IT Governance within the enterprise

– This addresses deploying information technology at the enterprise level, which can, either be a business or any other institution.

Discussion topics will  include:

· ICT Governance and Business Growth – The Value Proposition
· IT Standards – The Enablers for Good IT Governance
· Implementing IT Governance Frameworks
· IT Security in the Era of Disruptive Technologies
· Youth In ICT – Building the Future Enterprise

2. IT Governance beyond the enterprise

– Governance beyond the enterprise  anchors on the regulatory frameworks at sector, national and regional levels. Fundamental components that are needed to build a sustainable nation through IT will be looked at.


Discussion topics will include:
· The IT Regulatory Frameworks
· The e-Health Ecosystem – Building Interoperable Systems Across The Service
Delivery Continuum
· Enforcement of Regulation – The Laws Regulating ICTs
· IT Governance in Mining and Manufacturing
· Regulated vs Unregulated – A Case of the Financial Services Sector

3. IT Governance for development

– The emphasis here will be on the application of IT to developmental societal needs.

Discussion topics include:
· ICT Innovation and Research Governance Framework
· Building a National ICT Driven Academic Ecosystem
· Using ICT to Promote Transparency and Accountability
· Intellectual Property Governance and Digital Piracy
· e-Government – The Future Zimbabwe Wants

In addition to congregating a huge mass of ICT intellect, this premium event will produce
· position papers and
· thought leadership material

These will influence the direction of ICTs and policies. It will also bring together key decision makers from diverse sectors and present networking opportunities. It is therefore prudent for those that are in this sector or are influenced by IT to have their input heard. We have embarked on a journey, a transformation journey that will change the face of Zimbabwe (and Africa) through IT.
Be wary of being left behind because you might definitely give leverage and a competitive advantage to your competitors whose voices will be heard, and their ideas used to chart the future. This is certainly not an opportunity to be missed.

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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