Comparison: Telecel Red, Econet Premium and NetOne One-Fi

Freemiums lovers say the best things in life are free but others argue that top notch quality comes at a pricey and premium cost.

Popular belief has it that Zimbabwe’s mobile telecom industry thrives on prepaid customers who buy airtime on-the-go yet there are those in the elite classes who feel that a once off payment on services is the way to go.

TechnoMag today looks at Zimbabwean MNOs and what they offer on the plate for contract line subscribers.

In Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless and Telecel are companies that currently offer contract services but NetOne also has a similar package going under the brand name, One-Fi.

Econet has been running its Econet Premium packages for a long time now. The packages tariffs range between $15 and $350.

Econet Premium Packages

The $15 package from Econet gives customers 40 on-net and a $5 worth of airtime to call other networks. For the $20, Econet ups the worth of vocal calls by a meagre dollar to $6 while it dedicates 65 minutes for on-net calls. In terms of data, paying $15 gets customers 120MB with the $20 package giving 150MB.

Parting with $150 gives customers $40 worth of off-net calls, and 950 minutes of Econet to Econet calls.

Econet’s premium top package pegged at $350 gives customers $80 off-net calls, and 2 500 on-net minutes.

Telecel in 2013 launched Telecel Red for high end customers who want to avoid prepaid tariff plans.

“The package offers either a pure post-paid option or a flexi option depending on the level of control and convenience needed,” says the company.

Telecel Red

Telecel’s packages have more appealing packages than Econet.

The Red15 package offers splashes onto customers 150 on-net minutes, 30MB data, and a monthly WhatsApp bundle.

Telecel allocates, “$10 to be used for local calls,sms and only- (existing tariff plan applies). The $150 package oozes 1000 on-net minutes and 1500 minutes to call other minutes plus 1GB.”

NetOne has a One-Fi product which it launched early this month. ONE-FI is a Wire to the X (WTTX) service. Where X may represent businesses, churches, homes, universities, schools, shopping malls, hotels and any other public places. The entry price for One-Fi is $9 up to $99.

For $9 dollars customers get 25 on net voice minutes and 6GB data. At $99, NetOne subscribers get 600 minutes and 107GB.

One Fusion

“We are excited that we have the capability offer multimedia services to all of the above and the product we bring to the nation can connect up to 32 people at the same location using a NetOne sim card. More-so, the One-Fi solution provides a phone service using our range of numbers that can be matched to suit customer requirements,” said NetOne Acting CEO Brian Mutandiro.

The One Fi package comes with a wifi router that can take up to 32 devices, ideal for home School, Small business solution and its cost is $130.

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