ClicknPay Introduces WhatsApp Ticketing

Electronic ticketing platform, ClicknPay has introduced Clickie, a Whatsapp ticketing service where customers are able to buy tickets through WhatsApp for any upcoming events.

Various businesses have adopted WhatsApp as a platform to communicate with their clientele and ClicknPay has done no different, as a matter of fact they have done it better through their bot Clickie.

To purchase tickets through Clickie;

  1. Send a WhatsApp message “Tickets” to the number 071 3 380 777
  2. Choose the event you want to pay for
  3. Follow the instructions, as these differ according to individual preferences

Clickie is a convinient way to get tickets, and also carries an advantage that users do not necessarily have to go to the ClicknPay website to purchase tickets rather, they can just go on whatsapp.

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