Clean City Initiative A Product Of City Council’s Incompetence


Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, through the newly listed company Cassava Smartech, has not joined the crowd to complain about City Of Harare’s failure to collect garbage, In fact they have seen an opportunity, and they shall cash in heavy through this.

The city council has failed to collect rubbish timeously and at times , completely does not even collect the rubbish causing a serious health hazard to locals.

Cassava has seen this problem as an opportunity, and yes they will soon be pocketing huge through this.

While many people are only seeing garbage and a mess that someone must clean, very few people are even seeing the potential of creating energy via waste.

The Econet family has not been sleeping on these opportunities, lately they unveiled the solar farms which are harvesting megawatts for their stations, in future they will even have enough to produce for other customers.

These are natural resources we have as a country and how we deal with them say volumes as business players.

The City of Harare and other councils have dismally failed to continuously deliver on this job, with or without few supplies and refuse trucks, but thats not the point, someone else is willing to do this, for a good price and is running away wIth the money.

The next time your truly comes back with this same topic, i will be publishing financial figures of how much rubbish and e-waste management has made for the Cassava family, but all I can say right now is, the future is bright!

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