#OutAndAbout: Churches Adopt Swipe Machines As Cash Crisis Deepens

Believe it or not, churches have embraced the digital way of transacting and have installed swipe or Point Of Sale (POS) machines in their churches.As biting cash crisis continues to hit the nation, Churches have moved in to use technological ways to collect money for their various programs. 

During an interview with TechnoMag Out and about crew, Anglican national youth pastor Rev  Kudakwashe Madzime said money was like oil to the church or body of Christ and adopting plastic in the thick of a cash as is Zimbabwe’s scenario was a welcome move.


It is these reasons that has forced houses of God in Zimbabwe to make extra effort to open easy means of giving using technology.


Church members queue to give the offerings

Kiros community church overseer apostle Jonasi  illustrated that church members can now give offerings, tithes and harvest using credit cards and swipe machines which are now available at the alter and mobile money transfer.

He further hinted that,

“Zimbabwe is experiencing cash shortages forcing banks to limit cash withdrawals, some to as little as U.S. $50 per day.  Not only is this barring church members from giving to their God, it has also meant that church projects have to be put on hold.

“This is reason why we have approached the banks for them to provide us with point of sell machines. That will simplify life for our congregates.”


Rev K S Madzime

Apostle jonasi added to the above statement by stipulating that  church members are given banking details as well as mobile money numbers where they can transfer their desired amounts.

“Congregates no longer wait for the Sunday service to give to the church. Giving is becoming an everyday activity whenever the need to give is placed on one’s heart. This has opened another door of instant thanksgiving.

I”t is important to highlight that the adoption of point of sale machines has largely been done by Pentecostal churches other churches have also began do to so  a clear sign that technology is now being embraced even by the holy spirit,” said Madzime.

As much as e will accept cash that comes for us now plastic money is the way to go illustrated apostle jonasi in his final statement. Believe it or not technology now has a seat in the house of the lord and this is only the second round of a 9 round bout.

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