Chirundu-Makuti Fibre Link Project Behind Schedule


Government last week revealed that there were projects that were behind schedule as per their 100 Day Cycle.The Chirundu-Makuti Fibre Link Project is one of the main projects that is yet to be completed.

Addressing the media at a post-Cabinet press briefing,Minister of Information Honorable Monica Mutsvangwa revealed that 90 projects were being implemented by line ministries.On the projects,14 projects (16%) were ahead of target,54 projects (60%) were on target and 22 projects (24%) were behind schedule at Day 50.

Zimbabwe is currently confronted with price distortions in the market and this has constrained the implementation of many projects.The government is in the process of identifying possible partners that will help in the completion of the said projects.

Last year the government under the Transitional Stabilization Programme embarked on the 100 Day Cycle and under the Ministry of Information Communication Technology & Courier Services a project to install a 65km Optic Fibre Link from Makuti to Chirundu was launched.This was seen as a viable way to enhance access to information to citizens in all four corners of the country.

After the successful commissioning of the Beitbridge-Masvingo-Harare and Beitbridge-Bulawayo-Harare backbone fibre links in Beitbridge in March the government set its sight on rolling out another optic fibre connection from Makuti to Chirundu to complete the communications backbone as Zimbabwe places itself on the global technology map.The project is under The National Backborne Plan that is enhancing interconnectedness and connecting remote areas.

Early this year Minister Muntsvangwa spoke on the completion of the deployment link in Chirundu-Makuti.

“The other project the Ministry of ICT has completed is the deployment of optic fibre from Makuti to Chirundu. Under this project preliminary works were completed on the 65km fibre Optic Link from Makuti TelOne Exchange to Chirundu TelOne Exchange,” she said.

The completion of the optic fibre has been earmarked as an integral move towards digital inclusion and to close the digital divide within unconnected communities and under-served communities.

Fibre optic links have an imperative role in the improvement the communications framework in Zimbabwe buoyed by a massive internet explosion that has seen the mobile penetration rate increasing.Deployment of optical fibre will improve the quality of Internet connections and allowed us to streamline and accelerate communications.

The amount of information traveling on the Internet continues to grow as the digital revolution expands thus there is need to support higher bandwidth demand through the completion and commissioning of fibre optic link projects.

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