Welcome To Chinhoyi Unversity Of Technology

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Approximately 110km drive westwards outside out Harare, right on the mountainous area,  precariously hangs a much  noticeable Mash-West based University, breathing life to its surroundings in a virtually secluded  environment lies the Chinhoyi University Of Technology.

To add sparkle to the eyes, watching the view from top lies their own beautiful University based  Hotel, popularly known by the locals as CUT hotel


This was my first time on the campus and the town which is perceived by some to be just but  small, well to say the least there is much more unheralded activity and progress going on at Chinhoyi University Of  Technology in Zimbabwe.

As soon as I perched on the hill top based university, I was warm fully welcomed by the institution admin before being swiftly ushered under the guidance of their highly hospitable Public Relations Officer Jacqueline Tanhara who was so patient to harness  my excited enthusiasm  and as we moved block by block.


Of course much more beyond my usual tech related stuff but for the purpose of the article, which is strictly tech, well will be glad to share with you the bigger and better tech side of the university which is surely set and ready to take technology in Zimbabwe to dizzy heights !

For the business of the day, it was their Public day dubbed Open Day 2013!  This comes the same period after they have just commemorated their 10th year anniversary and this was their second event of the nature since inception.

What was quite interesting for me was to learn how to strike a balance on ICT and non ICT related technologies,  a custom which I know my fellow practitioners would never want to try.


Technologies are not ICTs neither are ICTs technologies, I was walked through some serious bespoke technologies, far away from my conventional ICTs and I was scooped off my feet to watch and learn what the Chinhoyi Universtity students are actually making.

I was introduced to a new world of nanotechnologies, Mechatronics and agricultural technologies and of course ICTs too were being showcased among other technologies .

I managed to get an exclusive One on One with the students, professors and the deans to get to the bottom of the bottom and I shall be posting these separately for the sake of clarity.

So much credit is given to the University`s Vice Chancellor, The Marketing Director, Proffessor Jonathan Enock, Eng E Manyumbu,Professor T Bhunu and many others for their time accorded for interviews

This is where Zimbabwe Technology future is nurtured, MORE ABOUT THAT HERE

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