Chinhoyi University Hosts Zambian Parliamentarians

Chinhoyi University Of Technology recently killed two golden birds with one stone as it successfully hosted the regional delegation of Zambian parliamentarians and its annual ICT Day on the same day to forge the next huge steps in developing technology.
The Zambian Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology visit to CUT was on a study to learn on how Zimbabwean Universities foster their existence and whether at all enough funding is received from the Government and if not how the Universities survive in this harsh economy.
The Zambian delegation was led by Member of Parliament, Hon. D r. Christopher Kalila, with four other Members of Paerliament, who showed keen interest in CUT’ s modus operandi.

VC  Prof Simbi explaining , behind him head of delations Dr Kalila and Zambian parliamentarian

VC Prof Simbi explaining , behind him head of delations Dr Kalila and Zambian parliamentarian

During a boardroom session, Dr. Kalila highlighted to the audience that Zambia is on the same expansion drive in Higher Education and that the two countries should consider a lot of innovative ideas through science and technological research to create wealth for their economies.
The head of delegation highlighted that their visit to Zimbabwe has focus on all Zimbabwean Universities to explore on how these institutions are managed referring mainly to the recruiting and retaining process of PHD holders.
The meeting also majored on how students are funding their education and if grants facility is still feasible, the benefits received by government from private institutions and challenges being faced by the government to fund higher education.
Addressing the delegates, the Chinhoyi University Of Technology Vice Chancellor Professor D.J. Simbi said one of the major setbacks they face was that on retaining local talent on the back drop of brain drain.

“There is urgent need to avail local scholarships and train our own students here and create conducive environments to retain talent especially in the field of science and technology where we have very few experts and engineers across universities” he emphasised .
Professor Simbi clearly stated that one cannot talk about industrialization or wealth creation without mentioning science and technology. He said, The teaching of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and technology should be emphasized at secondary level education since some deficiency has been noted within the feeder system.
.Students in the Science Lab
They also embarked on a tour guide around the university and while at the recently commissioned lab, Dr Mlambo Sibonani revealed that they can now practice DNA and partenal testing and only waiting for the certification from authorities
The group of delegates also included members from ZIMCHE (Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education).

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