Chinese Ambassador Ding Graces ‘Seeds For The Future’ Launch


Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Zhou graced the official opening of the Seeds for the Future initiative in the capital, Harare yesterday.

“Seeds for the future” is an annual initiative that offers exceptional young people from Zimbabwe the opportunity to receive training in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and 5G talents.

Speaking at the ceremony Ding said, ” l believe that Seed for the Future program will continue to serve as an enabler and catalyst in propelling Zimbabwe. Digital technologies are key forces for the country’s sustainable economic growth.

China and Zimbabwe have fostered a strong partnership in the realm of the digital economy in the field of information and communications infrastructure development. Huawei and key Zimbabwe operators have joined forces to construct nearly 4000 base stations ensuring coverage in major cities and some remote rural areas,” he said.

Seed for the Future is Huawei’s mission to make sure young talents have access to the necessary skill sets and mindsets for commerce.

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