#MondayBlues: Charamba Needs A Brain Fix, As Econet Kwese-ZBC deal Collapses.

#MondayBlues honestly thinks the permanent secretary in the ministry of media and information publicity George Charamba has lost some nuts and bolts to keep his brains running well, urgently requiring some spanner boy to his attention.

In fact i will pay anyone who finds Charamba an Afro comb for his shabby hair and a brain spanner for the neurons underneath.

The learned PS recently came all guns blazing against Kwese ZBC deal, the only move we celebrated which had seen the Dead BC,or is it ZBC broadcasting current and interesting content from the live Olympics updates to the interesting ZBC english premier deal .

Ofcourse Charamba like any other Zimbabwean is surely a DStv subscriber who can not be blamed for running away from the nauseating ZBC content, but when finally competition for DStv comes to Zimbabwe, the permanent secretary is the only person who makes the last bark to close the deal in the name of all possible silly reasons that chases away viewers from ZBC tv.

I think George Charamba simply needs to be reminded that the number one priority, and national interest he should uphold is to atleast have some viewers on his dead station, irregardless of whether the content is obtained from a perceived competitor, western sponsored or Eastern centric, all that is secondary.

For ZBC to work it needs advertisers and sponsors who can pour in their money simply because they know there is an audience watching the station called viewers. For viewers to watch there has to be paid content which is interesting, and this is simple dynamics to run a broadcastor, unfortunately ZTV can not even pay its own workers.

You can not have the audacity of labeling a player a competitor in a race you are not even running, infact its called a complimentary player. Zimbabweans stopped taking ZBC TV as a competitor a long time ago, which has been reduced to a news hour TV station, so the only competition it may face is in the only semi functional news update department, in case you really needed my help.

The PS was qouted saying:

“There was an attempt to smuggle Kwese TV programmes onto our screens and we said get it out of our screens,” said Charamba.
“I have differences with ZBC management’s view to introduce a competitor. We stopped it as the ministry. I don’t sit here to mould a competitor riding on our national broadcaster’s platform. We don’t work like that. We can’t abuse a national institution by carrying a competitor. Hazviite izvozvo (That won’t ever happen). Kwese should use their TV. If they want to operate in this country, they should comply with the Broadcasting Services Act and acquire their own licence. How can ZBC carry a competitor? They wanted to launch their product at no cost riding on ZBC. Why would ZBC want to introduce competition?

He went on to threaten to expose and fire a board member who is allegedly part of kwese, seriously. Mr Charamba, when you find a comb to do your hair, find time for your your brain as well to actually promote that executive, he is the only person who almost made ZBC TV work.

“In fact, it has since emerged that there is a ZBC board member who is also part of Kwese TV. We will fight that member. I ask that board member to resign now before we fire him. Hazviitwe izvozvo (That won’t ever happen). We are going to fire that person masikati machena (in broad daylight). We are going to humiliate him. ZBC can’t be run by competitors. I am here to protect the national broadcaster,”

fumed Charamba.

Mr Charamba, those whit bowels on every roof top including yours are a clear message that Zimbabweans would rather pay for international content than receive your free signals and if you dont get this please may the president find you another ministry.

Technically Charamba is the only person making sure that since independence, ZBC TV continues to loose every subscriber and he is determined to do so at whatever cost. Remember at a certain time, ZBC was the national broadcaster of choice we all loved and Charamba owes it to Zimbabwe why he is so much starring at the downfall of the national broadcaster.

Are there any chances that Charamba could be a DsTV shareholder as well, he seems to have real interests in making sure that there is no competition for DsTv not ZBC TV.

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