CBZ Unveils Self Service Centres

CBZ Bank has launched self service centres as part of its efforts to digitalise banking services while bringing convenience to its clients across Zimbabwe.

Inside the self service centres are trending tablets where clients can do their virtual banking. CBZ Bank managing director Peter Zimunya told Journlaists on nthe sidelines of the launch that the self service cetres were meant for customers to bank at ease

This is part of our efforts to digitalise banking services. We have put in self service centres to increase our convenience to customers. Our customers can come in, do all the transactions they want to do.


“You can do bank transfers, you can do DStv payments from here. What we are saying is we also have free WiFi,that makes it cost effective for the client. So to the client, we used to say enjoy banking in the comfort of your office, in the comfort of your home, or your car, we are now saying enjoy banking in the comfort of our offices,” he said.

CBZ Touch

“This is pilot run which is covered in six branches in six major cities that’s your Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Chinhoyi, Masvingo and Mutare. Then we will roll out the other centres soon,” said Zimunya.

Zimunya said the cost of setting up each self service centre was $40 000.

“On our timeline, in the next three months we hope we would have covered quite a number of them. By the end of the year we would have covered all the branches, because once it’s a matter of gadgets, tablets. We already have some in store. Depending on the centre, the cost will vary from centre to centre,” he said.

CBZ Client enjoying the Self Service

A CBZ client felt the service saves time.

“I think this is a move that is very good. I think it cuts on your time. This days you know its very precious and very expensive. When you come here and you use the facility,  I think all your things are done,” he said.

“Im telling you its late, it was supposed to be launched a long time ago but we are glad its now now here.”

On the self service portal customers can do balance enquiries, internal fund transfers, ZIPIT transfers, school fees payments, tertiary fees payments, RTGS transfers, DStv payments, ZESA token purchases, ZESA token retrieval, utilities paymets, Airtime purchases, and signing up for CBZ Touch.


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