Cassava Launches Maisha Medik App


Cassava Smartech has launched the Maisha Medik App which enables facilitates networking between patients and health service providers.

The app is easily accessible on smartphones and was developed in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, goal number 3 of providing good health and well being.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) Annual Scientific Congress 2019, Cassava HealthTech general manager Denver Phiri said, ”We absolutely believe at Cassava Smartech that the use of the mobile phone is going to give us the opportunity to deliver healthcare at a greater scale than has been done before.”

The Maisha Medik App is tailor-made and allows patients to locate doctors and have their appointments at their convenience. One of the main features of the Maisha Medik App is that it allows patients to have a teleconference appointment with doctors in the case that they can not or choose not to attend the appointment physically.

Patients can also locate health service providers like pharmacists and one can narrow down their search to specialists. For the health service provider, this is an integrated electronic health system that will allow service providers to have a better practice management system at play.

The platform sits on a Microsoft cloud service data storage company. As a result, any data that a patient accesses using their mobile phone will not be cached, maintaining privacy and security.

Maisha Medik also offers services like Dial A Doc, Health Tips, Symptom Checker and TeleHealth. Maisha Medik is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. With the way technology is taking over every aspect of our life it seems Zimbabwe is on the right track towards digital health.

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