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By Edmore Munedzimwe

Career planning is indeed a challenge for any student. Add to this the fact that there is generally nowhere to find local information on study options, programmes or even institutions and you have a recipe for a nightmare.

It is with this in mind that Model Business Services has launched what they call a “one stop career management online center” for Zimbabwean students. is meant to be the go to place for students who are interested in planning their careers ahead of time. The site has a mobile and pc version. If you are on a phone you will be automatically be redirected to the mobile site. This is meant for wider reach as most students have no access to computers.

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As you navigate the site you will notice some interesting links. The services available include apprenticeship, attachment and job listings. As organisations out there get on board, this will surely prove useful as students normally have to go door by door looking for attachments and apprenticeships, the job seeker will also benefit from mobile access. Other offerings include an online swop service for teachers and a tutor directory.

Of greatest interest to would be students are study options, an institute directory, career guidance articles and interviews with experts already in the industry.

How did this idea come about?

As a lower six student I attended a good career guidance session in Harare, from then on I kept a career journal. In this career journal I would write areas of interest and paste newspaper cuttings of jobs and training courses that I found eye catching. I then became an informal career advisor to fellow students and church mates. Later it struck me that building an online platform where industry experts could share their experiences through interviews would be useful to upcoming students.

I tried launching this some years ago, but had trouble gathering information as most institutions were still unaware if the usefulness of internet based research. However acquiring the material should now be relatively easy and we expect the site to grow in both content and traffic.

What experience does Model Business Services have in industry?

Model Business Services mainly focus on providing IT solutions for the education sector. We have built student portals for tertiary institutions driven by SharePoint and .Net technologies. We also have an online banking solution that links institutions to Banks for real time updates. Other solutions that we have developed include advanced SMS and Email platforms. Example Institutions already using some of these are NUST and ICSAZ.

Edmore Munedzimwe is founder of Model Business Services-0736184971

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