#CapeTownUpdates: Huawei Lights Up Africa Utility Week (AUW)

Zimbabwean power company executives and ICT experts joined Africa this week in Capetown,  for the largest electric power exhibition, African Utility Week (AUW) 2017 being held in South Africa from May 16 to 18.

During the exhibition, Huawei co-hosted its Fifth Power Summit under the theme “Leading New ICT, the Road to Smart Grid”.

From Capetown, By Toneo T Rutsito

More than 260 government officials, electric power industry executives and experts gathered to discuss how innovative ICT products and solutions can be used to enable a Smart Grid that delivers efficient, reliable and affordable energy to consumers.


Huawei works with partners to provide the platform and ecosystem for building one-stop Smart Grid ICT solutions

As resources are increasingly depleted, power companies are searching for a reliable and sustainable way of providing electricity. They are progressively moving towards Smart Grids which integrate traditional power systems with advanced ICT technologies, including cloud computing, big data, IoT and mobility, to connect, support situational-awareness, and achieve business intelligence of various power terminals.

Huawei Showcases one-stop Smart Grid ICT solutions

Huawei, together with partners demonstrated smart service solutions covering power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption.


Smart PV Power Generation solution can generate 3% more power than the average level. If the solution is applied on a 100MW power plant, it can help generate over 20 million US dollars of income in 25 years. The Power Transmission and Transformation Communications solution innovatively provides both hard and soft pipes to enable multiple services, such as Smart Gird SCADA, phone dispatching, OA, and video surveillance, ensuring the security and reliability of power transmission networks.


Huawei and State Grid Information and Telecommunication Technology Company of China demonstrated a 3D real-time display platform for Smart Grids, which is a high-performance, high-availability cloud computing platform providing reliable cloud services for power companies.

Huawei also collaborated with NARI Group and showcased the Power Distribution Automatic Network Solution that integrates Huawei’s advantages in eLTE and industrial routers to provide real-time and flexible communications networks, enabling reliable and intelligent power distribution.

For power consumption, Huawei cooperated with SAP and Long Shine to demonstrate the AMI solution that offers a near 100% success rate of data collection and control by leveraging Power Line Communication for Internet of Things (PLC-IoT) and Long Term Evolution for Internet of Things (eLTE-IoT). PLC-IoT has a 100% success rate of communications and LTE-IoT achieves wide coverage with low power consumption, maximizing the value of electricity data.


“The use of Smart Grids is being unfolded. Leveraging Huawei’s leading ICT, we have developed major solutions together with our partners which covers all aspects of the electric power industry and the Power Cloud solution.

The application of IoT and cloud computing will help power companies enhance operational efficiency and accelerate innovations,” commented Jerry Ji, President of Energy Sector, Huawei Enterprise Business Group. “In line with Huawei’s ‘platform + ecosystem’ strategy, we’re working with strategic partners such as State Grid Information and Telecommunication Technology Company of China, SAP, Accenture, T-System and Tech Mahindra, to build an open and win-win ecosystem for the electric power industry.

In addition, Huawei has helped over 170 electric power customers improve their energy management efficiency and ensure safe and reliable operations of grids, to light up and enrich the modern society, and to promote the utilization of renewable energy resources.”

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