Canvo, Photo Social Network App Launched in Harare

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

An enthusiastic self-taught app developer Mr Shaun Shoriwa Benjamin called techies last night in Greendale, Harare to witness the unveiling of an interesting app which will make photo syncing on social networking interesting.

Shaun said the app will go a long way in improving the online social network experience with users as they will be enabled to synchronise all their streaming photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on one page and never again to miss any pictures.

shaun benjamin

“The app is specifically designed to help the user not to miss any feeds  or posts by friends in picture as the app  gathers  all the  photos streaming on one`s social network feeds and collects them into Canvo an app which then neatly arranges them.” He said

What I liked most about Canvo is the app interface, it comes with so much simplicity and   ease, and it’s the app which anyone can easily adapt or figure out how to maneuver.
Canvo. display
The most innovative feature about the app is probably the navigational feature, by simply swiping left, right or zig zag, and the app automatically refreshes and gives you new pictures as they stream. The pattern swipe makes navigation look so cool as the app loads the thumbnails.

The 1mb app has potential to change the trends on how Zimbos socialise online as it also acts as an online spy bot to instantly feed you with pictures updates as they are posted.

The app is currently available for android operating system, 4.3 or higher. Unfortunately it had some glitches while installing failing to run on some devices, we could not confirm whether it was a purely android version matter, apk installer or maybe device hardware.

Landing on an orange background, the app has basic the home button, front and back, and Facebook button plus a refresh icon making it a quiet user friendly app

N-sho Tech started by Shaun and Ngoni Benjamin together with their friend Jabu will be pushing the Canvo app to the end users.

The major problem they will likely  face is how to deliver the handy app to the market already filled with competing aps and how they will tactfully make the app a darling of many. Ngoni also disclosed that the app will not be for sale but will be distributed for free to the user and find other monetising avenues outside selling the app itself.
organisers at canvo launch harare 2

“It’s a gesture responsive app, refreshing is by swiping on the individual thumb nails. By refreshing you are connecting yourself to live feeds, instant feeds”

“ it actually makes photo sharing easier as all the photos you have missed from your colleagues feeds through facebook,instagram,twitter  are brought to your attention,  it saves money in that the photos are super compressed but  at  the same time opening the photo will give you the full size of the picture “ added Jabu


Above all, we say thumbs up to the youthful generation who are coming out there to display .

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The launch which came at the end of the year was graced by some local app developers plus an after launch party which entertained the guest into the late hours, breathing life into the quiet night of Greendale.

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