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Cabinet System Goes Digital


President Emerson Mnangagwa has launched the E cabinet system today which is paperless cabinet as Cabinet means to adapt new evolving technologies and accelerate modernization of operating systems in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

The electronic system allows collaborative working, retrieval , sharing, archiving of documents and accountability creating a robust database that facilitates easy access to stored records for the cabinet.
Addressing the cabinet this morning the president said “This system will see a track of progress ensuring efficiency amongst cabinet ministers, creating a paperless administrative and secretariat functions which is one of the contemporary ways of conducting meetings”
“Through this system member of the cabinet will now be able to conduct all the work within the cabinet room on the electronic platform, exercising decision making and information analysis and execution of action funds “ .
Such an initiative gives development and upgrades through adopting digital methods in the ICT sector .
However, a continuation of the distribution of hard copies of the cabinet documents is to continue for use outside cabinet room until phase 2 of the project when the wide-area network is completed, which is expected to be completed by the end of the second after of this year.

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