Before Your Buy Your Laptop From Africa, Know What You Want and know what they are saying.

Most Zimbabweans and Africa at large do not buy gadgets online, the reason is simple, they want to confirm what they are buying is real and practical and if it really looks good from the outside then they are willng to pay every penny.

Well its our African mentality not To count a bird in the forest and what has really bothered me the most is the fact that many people have bought very expensive gadgets only for the looks while at times they pay so much for an underperfoming gadget.

The reverse is true in all circumstances, you do not want to buy a tractor only to do home gardening, neither can ypu achieve a good harvest by running through your field using a hoe. The essence is know  the purpose of your laptop and no laptops are made the same.

Simply because its slightly expensive does not guarrantee that its the best hardware accelareted machine and looks can be decieving somecool looking laptops are a  majpr disspointment when taken to the task. A common belief among-st many is to buy a laptop for the future, just in case i may neeed to use it for a powertask in the next five or so years, well i beg to differ, every year a better laptop will be launched.


Nicole Madziwa

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