Bulawayo's female techie wants to deliver lunch via Foodie.

HAVING one and the same old menu everyday can become monotonous especially you are University student. 

Students many a times, walk to alternative canteens for their preferred food of choice and this can be boring.

To workers, this scenario of  walking or driving to your favourite restaurant can be too daunting. Young innovators in Zimbabwe continue to come up with enticing ICT solution and hailing from the City of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo is a young and vibrant lady named Ayanda Mhlanga who has found a way around the food problem.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

Ayanda was part of the promising young innovators who exhibited and showcased their products at the Zimbabwe ICT Innovation Fund in Bulawayo pitch night organised by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.(POTRAZ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Communication Technology,Postal and Courier Services.

food app developer Amanda Mhlanga explaining how it works

Food app developer Amanda Mhlanga explaining how it works

Ayanda is studying at the National University of Science and Technology towards a degree in Radiography and has hatched a solution to curb the stress and hustle associated with getting food at campus or at work where one has to actually go out and buy food. In other cases one forced to the limited options which are being offered at the cafeteria at work or at school.

The 21 year old developed an online start-up called ”Foodie”, which offers a solution to make the food come to you instead of you going out to find the food talk about a shift brought by technology.

Foodie aims at giving customers quality service delivery on a variety of delicious foods.  Since Foodie is driven to offer a top-notch delivery service, they have a disclaimer that distances them from instances of food poisoning.

The app developer also endevours to get the food to the client in the shortest possible time as most of foods are best served when hot.

The online platform generates revenue through commission from the service providers as they get a decent percentage from the service providers who sell their food through the platform.

They also get their income from online advertisements of the delivery service.

Ayanda who is working solo said she is facing financial and marketing challenges.

When talking about gender balance this innovation makes you realize that not only the male innovators are setting the pace but there are female members who are here to create a name for themselves. So if you are tired of the hustle of trying to get food or the limited food options of the cafeteria at work or school, look no further, Foodie’s got your back. Don’t walk for your food, just get this Foodie app and your meal will come to you.



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