Bulawayo Youth Developing Appsound, Antipiracy Solution.

It is an undisputed fact that music piracy is a thorn in the flesh for musicians. Although shows offer these musicians a significant income, they resort to music stores such as iTunes to sell their music so that they can realise some income.

The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association which tries to fight piracy in the music sector has conducted numerous raids on pirates. While this move has achieved nothing, young technocrats have come to the fore with innovative solutions to quell piracy.

Just like Zimbabwean music store called Olova, Abel Moyo who showcased his stuff at the Bulawayo Zimbabwe ICT Innovation Fund Showcase is almost done with developing a more secure music store called Appsound.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

According to Abel this application encrypts music files which makes then not sharable to other Appsound non users.

The upside of this app is that one needs it to obtain music files from another.

Abel looking forward to talk with Zimbabwean organisations such as Zimura, SAMRO, The Department of Intellectual Property, Cross-boats and Cosmos from Nigeria.

Abel added that the application will ensure that interested musicians and producers have their music encrypted before release. But problem is most of these music producers leak the music before release.

The app comes with a feature that the music can be streamed online. It also has Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify among other functionalities. The artists can upload their content for free.

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