Buddie Launches Attractive Massive SMS Bundles.

 By Perseverance Tavagwisa

We were slowly thinking that SMS, a 100 year old technology is finally breathing its last , Well …..think again.  Econet has just unleashed its arsenal with just too much text messages to ignore  which will make you think twice about using the popular Whatsapp messaging application.

The world of txt has been given another boost as Econet launched SMS bundles.The Buddie`s SMS bundles will offer a  Whooping unlimited text messages  across all networks!

The SMS bundles pose to be a huge contender and a likely alternative to the popular whatsapp application, which is mainly supported by smartphones.

Econet has set the entry level at 50 cents for 1 week of unlimited access to the SMS Bundles, with only a fine print for fair usage (FUP)  it posses to be popular.

For a whole month of unlimited access, the buddies will have to fork out $1.50 ! Now the gateway to get to the service is through the *140*4# USSD code.

Testing the service proved that that the SMS bundles are no Fluke as we managed to send SMS’s to other networks. Further scrutiny of the service is ongoing as questions are to be answered pertaining the fair usage policy governing the Bundle usage, and also the expiration of the service!

This is a much better offering from Econet whch has been tagged to generally stingy with promotions. Econet have been giving a meagre 3 SMS for topping up with Ecocash and cancelled their $1 for 15SMS scratch cards.

Telecel previously had offered the same promotion of up to 250 SMS per dollar but it just did not make sense since the SMS were quicly expiring making them nothing but a huge number.

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