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BreakingNews: Zimbabweans Can Now Receive PayPal Via Ecocash


For a long time after trying many long routes to simply receive  PayPAl payments, it seems Ecocash has finally broken the puzzle as they now carry PayPal among  other  many remittances direct into Ecocash.

For  many years Zimbabweans who could only pay via Paypal but the accounts did not accept receiving  funds for any Zimbabwean-based visa card, meaning  PayPal  was  not at all accepting Zimbabweans to sell or get paid, while they  were only accepting payments.

The move  simply meant entrepreneurs and traders from Zimbabwe were still locked in from one of the word’s biggest payment platform.

However with Ecocash rolling out its remittance services as they connect many other like Western Union to send direct payment into the mobile wallet,  the move has become the simplest way to circumvent the hurdle.

Announcing on their social media page, Ecocash  said that its now possible  to receive  PayPal payments  direct into  their wallet, a move which has caused an excitement  for most online  traders.

Leveraging our Hub partnership with Thunes, we are excited to add Xoom, a PayPal money transfer service, to our growing number of remittance partners to Zimbabwe,” an EcoCash spokesman said.

This means any Zimbabweans in the diaspora with a PayPal account will now be able to send funds directly to the EcoCash USD wallet.
“Anyone with a PayPal account can now simply logon to the Pay Pal Xoom service, using their PayPal credentials, and be able to instantly send money to their family or friends on EcoCash USD wallet from wherever they are around the world,” the spokesman said.



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