#Breaking: Burglars Shun CCTV as $300k Vanishes at Cairns

Its going to be a bleak Christmas for Cairns Foods employees after the chains foods manufacturer made it clear that there will be no bonuses payable this year following a robbery which saw the institution losing  hard cash amounting to $305 000 to buglars.

Impeccable sources who spoke to TechnoMag hinted that robbers who invaded the Cairns Foods complex at Number 1 Upton Road in Ardbennie a few months back. The sources added that buglers  avoided cameras during the theft clearly showed that they were well trained experts who had enough information about the Cairns security setup.

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The serious burglary took place at the manufacturer’s headquarters about four months back where the night pirates walked away with hard cash amounting to $305k waiting to be banked from the company’s safes.

What boggles the mind is that Cairns has one of the most sophisticated CCTV surveillance cameras under its ICT Infrastructure.

How did their IT Officers poorly configure the cameras to the extent that they failed to pick the faces of the intruders.

Another disturbing thing is that the revelation which came to us prior to the ongoing investigations by the police which reveal that the building where the cash was taken has a working CCTV surveillance.

It is reported that on the night thieves are said to have walked into the Finance building, had their faces covered with empty sacks to avoid identification.

The footage which was recovered from the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) clearly showed the investigators that it was a well ochestrated sinister break-in.

However, the greatest question which remain to be answered is how these three men managed to invade the complex without being stopped by security personnel at the heavily guarded Cairns gates. Furthermore, they knew where the money was being kept in such a huge complex and mostly how did they know that a lot of money has not been banked for a while.

After emptying the cash safes, the night buglers walked out with their faces well hidden in empty sacks.

Cairns Foods is the manufacturer of various brands such as Cashel Valley tinned foods, various wine brands from its Mukuyu Winery and other lines of sweets & biscuits.

Cairns was under judicial management from November 2012 to October 2015 but received a new lease of life after some new investors came on board last year. This has enabled the agro-processing giant to commission a new plant in Mutare in a bid to expand its operations.

However, the new shareholders got a set back to their investments after recently losing $305k to a burglary which is suspected to have been masterminded internally.

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