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#Breaking: Free Online Streaming Via Sasai For All Zim Churches.

Finally there is some serious thinking going on at Sasai. We have said this too many times, people are already on social media platforms and they need real value if they must migrate or try other platforms.

Sasai is finally turning itself into a giant it must be, by availing bespoke solutions for millions of Zimbabweans through Sasai Watch, offering absolutely free online streaming services to both the churches and the viewers.

This move will be a major breakthrough for usage uptake considering that in Zimbabwe, prominent preachers like Emmanuel Makandiwa are reaching more than 300 000 live viewers per every weekly sermon, the opportunity is huge!

This solution connects the missing puzzle between the church and the congregants, where millions could have easily joined.

It is however not clear if Sasai Watch has a public RMTP server for access or how already existing ingestors will be able to communicate with their platfroms to transmit the feed.

Next issues will be that of traffic, latency issues and server capabilities to host potential millions, as Zimbabweans follow their various church sermons.

A Sasai insider said until the COVID-19 lockdown is removed, churches in Zimbabwe and their followers will be able to upload their services and show them every Sunday on Sasai Watch without paying for the data.

Sasai Watch is a new feature that operates just like YouTube, and that is now available on the Sasai super App. The service was built by Cassava Fintech International, a London-based company owned by the Strive Masiyiwa-controlled Econet Group.

Although the platform is available in every African country, a special promotion has been introduced in Zimbabwe to assist churches and their followers to access services during the lockdown.

The free data only applies on Sundays and can also be used to watch anything else on the Internet, including some social media platforms – for free.

Sasai Watch, the insider sais, does not stream live video, but one can upload videos of up to one hour onto the platform, within minutes.

Churches can use the service by getting in touch with the Cassava Smartech team in Harare.

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