Not Traffic Cops, Not City Council Officers, But CCTV…


Green Amber Red. Sounds very familiar to someone who has read their highway code, even licensed drivers will tell you that’s a robot sequence. It’s the law of the road, give way to traffic coming from the right.

The robots that we use to regulate traffic on our roads have come a long way in ensuring that road users are kept safe be it pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The challenge, however, has been reckless drivers who wantonly violate road rules try to beat red robots and negotiate with red lights instead of simply stopping.

The ZRP has clamped down on these unbecoming behaviours, however, with the number of vehicles increasing, manning most, if not all, robots is not possible.

Alan Shirichena

Enter CCTV, Closed Circuit Television. The Harare Traffic Control Lights will have CCTV monitoring, and yes, if you beat the robot, or proceed in a late amber this time the law will get the last laugh.

Men AT Work

The CCCTV is being placed to ensure that no action is left uncaptured at every robot intersection…BIG BROTHER SURVEILLANCE.

CCTV Cabling

Motion Camera

The antics of proceeding into robots recklessly or turning in a lane that is supposed to be for traffic going straight will soon be a thing of the past. Although noble, the question is how will it affect the revenue streams that were once the police’s domain.


The public transporters, in particular the kombi drivers and small vehicle shuttle services that have mushroomed had became a law unto self with disregard for other road users, much to the expense of innocent lives something that needed addressing sooner rather than later. The introduction of commuter parking bays was the first step to alleviate this danger.

It seems like the end game in this cat and mouse is now at play….WHEN THE CAT IS AWAY THE MICE PLAY and play they did.

CCTV Robot

The project will be run by the city council who are currently undertaking the installations city wide.

The CCTV facility also has motion detectors which will be triggered by the green amber red sequence. Eye

A similar effort was setup with robot intersections being painted and cameras set some 20 or so meters away, the efforts fell short, however this new burst of energy seems more promising. Hopefully it will deliver.

Aerial View

Advice to drivers…order is slowly being restored, don’t be caught on the short end of the straw.


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