Boardroom Politicking is Killing Telecel!

By Wilson T Mtetwa
Just at the time when Telecel Zimbabwe, was significantly gaining ground to become the fiery contender to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe,especially when it currently has its own problems, Serious board room politics seems to be haunting the technology firm with the recent “Resignation” of the newly elected Chief Executive Officer Francis Mawindi
More questions are currently being raised on what really happened to the man who seemed to be turning the Telecel titanic away from the treacherous iceberg.

Yet just but too soon, just after 1 year at the helm, the captain may have been forced to jump ship, unless he was no longer seeing any prospects in stirring one of the fastest growing mobile in Zimbabwe.
Our source recently confirmed that Mawindi was sacked for refusing to fund other activities outside the core business of Telecel Zimbabwe.
The exact activities which he was cornered to fund are not stated neither did we receive the name of the person leaving him between a hard place and a rock.
Things only went worse when he demanded that such “outrageous demands” be forwarded to him in black white souring the fragile relations he had with his “associates” .
With current shareholder structure where 60% is owned by Telecel International, while the Empowerment Corporation — a local consortium of individuals and groups — owns 40% the international’s voice makes the last bark.
TechnoMag well informed that the “sacked” boss is seriously pursuing legal action against former employer and this would be another serious diversion of concentration to be faced by Telecel Zimbabwe.
Currently the second mobile operator by subscriber base in Zimbabwe has been on a vigorous marketing offensive strategy wooing thousands to its network. The latest such promotional of $2 per week has been received well by subscribers across networks causing quite a stir on its social network platforms.
Telecel has been recording tremendous, tangible growth under the guidance of Mawindi and the sudden end will have serious impacts.
More however still needs to be done on the network to offer stable basic services like network availability which still seems to be their irresolvable issue since inception.

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