Bloggers Hold Leaders Accountable: Supa Mandiwanzira

ICT, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira has admitted that bloggers have a role to play in holding government leaders to account.

He said this at the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe Regional Conference held yesterday.

His remarks comes at a time when citizen journalists, bloggers and online content creators alike have come to the fore in complementing the efforts by traditional journalists in the fourth estate.

“Bloggers are holding leaders to account,” he said as tweeted by Moto Republik Founder Sam Monroe.

Moto Republik Founder Sam Monroe aka Cde Fatso

He also expressed concern at the emergence of fake news urging the media to thoroughly check facts.

“Media should critically interrogate government statistics to determine whether they are fake,” he said. “”The media is the government’s worst enemy.”

He also said, “Media owners, editors & journalists themselves are responsible for the bulk of the censorship in the media.”

Alpha Media Managing Director Vincent Kahiya said  is a new frontier of concern.

” Fake news is not new a phenomenon. It has given the mainstream media a fresh impetus,” he said adding that while it is not a new phenpmenon when its the mainstream media circulaitng it, but misinformation.

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