biNu losing $ 20 000 per month, Announces Service Cancelation.

Popular low cost multi-purpose application biNu says it is going to trim some of the services amid indications they were losing $20 000 every month as they completely shut down the current mobile app.

biNu will shut down the old application with effect from June 25 as a cost cutting measure, which will see a plethora of services being terminated.

“On Sunday June 25, 2017 the old biNu app will be shutting down. This is because it costs us at least $20 000 each month to keep it running and we can no longer afford to do it,” said  biNu.

The biNu team will be replacing  the old application with a streamilined version, focusing  on the current Zim news  plus soccer scores and results.”

biNu app

The services which will be terminated include

  • BiNu accounts
  • biNu credits
  • biNu social (Note, News feed, Messenger and SMS, Chat, Friends, My Media, Beats and Twitter)
  • sports betting
  • Google search
  • Google translate
  • English dictionary
  • Books (world reader, Mills and Boon, Fundza
  • Bible
  • Quran
  • Bhagavad gita
  • Weather

“None of these apps and services will be available after June 25. We hope you have enjoyed this biNu app, we have been happy to bring it to you and are sad the end has come,” added biNu.

biNu’s deletion of some services however comes to Zimbabweans as a non-event for most users used the application to read soccer news, local and international news.

BiNu became very popular in Zimbabwe as a news bot which collected news updates for very slow connection, when Zimbabwe was still relying in gprs and edge as the standard mobile speed fordata connectivity.

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