Binu allows Telecel to Text Econet

By Batsie Marango
Guest Post
Incase you have been caught between the current Telecel –Econet Wrangle and your right to communicate has been trampled upon, there is still a way to text your friends and family from Telecel to Econet.

Following the current service termination, however using the popular biNu, one can still bypass this termination by sending SMS with a Telecel number as sender I.D. unfortunately one cannot receive replies directly from the other local networks.

Here are the few steps
Download and install Binu on your mobile phone from .
Create a new profile by entering a username and password. Add your phone number.
Click on where it says sent test SMS. You will receive an SMS with the test pin.

You may need to exit Binu to read the message. Take note of the pin. Start Binu again and on the Home go to profile and then the settings. Go where it says enter test code and enter the test code you received as SMS.

When you have successfully verified your phone number you can begin sending your SMSs with your number as the sender identity. On the home select Messenger> send message> SMS. Always put the number in international format i.e. as +263… here you can put any number you wish including those for Econet.

There are no adverts included in the messages and will seem to originate from a phone. Binu gives some free credits e and you can also purchase some more premium credits to send your SMSs.
It works because Binu’s messages are sent over the internet. Econet will not know that you have sent this message from Telecel because you are not using their network to do so save for the internet connection.
Its also possible to login to your Binu account anywhere in the world and send the SMSs with the local number.
Whats more you can even run this cool biNu on your computer!

Just like on whatsapp you can still send your messages across network but biNu does it just like the standard SMS service

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