GetCash Recruiting Fresh Agents Across The Country.


Since the official GetCash launch, the company is slowly building up its agent network across the nation, with couple of already existing Nettcash point of presence, the mobile money player is gearing for growth.

The success of mobile money in Zimbabwe is mainly based on the availability of agents around the country to cash in and cash out and GetCash seems to be starting from scratch instead of fighting for the already existing agents, while lately the actual liquidity effect has become supreme.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

It seems which ever network manages to get some hard cash afloat is likely going to have a strong competitive advantage, as millions around the nation are stranded for cash.

However GetCash is trying to change all that, its trying to answer a simple question of whether we really need the hard cash, or simply need a platform that allows us to transact at very low cost without actually using the hard cash at all.

This new phenomenon will not be easy, alas the only way out to take Zimbabweans from the cash crunch, as millions are being encouraged to do paperless transactions, while for the agent networks, its still all money.

GetCash has come as a game changer in the mobile money service providers sector with fair transfer rates and allows for transfers across all networks.


Getting the suitable training and technical support is indeed a generous deal but when one becomes  an agent he or she qualifies for financial support. Financial support is an irresistible deal as in this ailing economy it could be ages before one actually finds their feet. They say your yearning power is greater than your earning power but GetCash aims to increase your earning power.


As an agent one will receive GetCash marketing material which makes it easier to make the product known to the people and easier recognition of the agent.

Instead of the cumbersome end day reconciliation which takes reviews on the days paper work with GetCash day end reconciliation is electronic hence the task is even made easier. As if that is not enough a GetCash agent is able to earn higher commission through the sell of airtime.This can also be increased by the sell of electricity and this can earn one up to 2.5% commission.

Like any mobile money transfer, the agent will also earn more cash through the cash-ins and cash-outs while being able to operate a global float allowing one to manage multiple agent outlets. Managing multiple agent outlets then means that the commission is coming through from the different agent outlets and who would say no to that extra cash.

Many customers from other service providers would opt for GetCash as they usually turn back disappointed as they would have failed to process their transaction because they would not have their ID. This then means that as customers migrate to GetCash then this is an automatic increase in the agents commission.

So this a call to the employed and unemployed who are willing to earn that extra cash keep in mind that GetCash is the way to go.




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