Barclays Disappoints, Denies Zimbabwe The PayPal Moments.


Barclays Zimbabwe has  denied Zimbabweans the first time in a moment  opportunity to actually pay for that important Service /item online as the their payment system dismally failed to push PayPal transactions.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Most likely inundated by a plethora of calls, After the recent announcement of PayPal entry to Zimbabwe, their Free call or support numbers were either unreachable, dysfunctional or completely never rang at all.

I was personally disappointed to join the list of hordes of Barclays clients who were denied my first time  opportunity to actually use PayPal from Zimbabwe.

Paypal cponfirmed on Zim

After patiently waiting for an antagonising two days, I was forced to call it quit and quickly moved my funds to another (local Bank ) which instantly worked like a charm, and paid up for all my services.

My lucky call to the Barclays Bank card centre was answered by a livid lady, who was surely aware that they are under a glitch which had literally made it impossible for Zimbabweans to transact via Pay Pal.

The customer service lady confirmed that Barclays is currently unable to make PayPal transactions and they are currently working flat out to resolve the issue.

After insisting on how long this may take as the wait had been already too painful to bear, the customer care support personnel promised that someone from the technical side would get in touch with me to help me through but this was just nothing but one of those kind ways to say please “just go hang!”

To add my frustration, my personal experience with Barclays Visa card worsened as I have been failing to completely pay for  virtually anything online, even directly with the Visa card, something which other Barclays account holders could easily accomplish.

Barclays could not say exactly what could have caused the problem, neither did we get any official statement surrounding the matter as their toll free customer service support numbers were not going through.

This is surely a bad start to dampen the spirits for the great online payment revolution, for an international bank like Barclays, it leaves  lot to be desired to say the least, hopefully they fix the matter urgently.



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