BancABC launches A Virtual Branch

BancABC on Wednesday launched a virtual banking platform dubbed Branch X.
The digital platform allows customers to conduct their banking transactions through video and telephone banking services as part of its measures to go digital.
The virtual digital branch will allow interface interaction between customers and the bank teller just like the traditional manner of being at any bank branch.
Branch X will allow customers to do Internal Transfers, RTGS Payments, Balance Enquiries & Bill Payments. The service also allows customers to load their remittance receipts directly onto their Prepaid VISA Card.
In press statement yesterday BancAbc said that the initiative is a new concept of innovation to its customers and the COVID19 pandemic speeded up their digital transformation plans.
“As part of our digitisation journey, we have been looking at new innovations to offer banking differently to our customers, the current COVID-19 crisis has allowed us to accelerate our plans to response to the changes in the delivery of banking services worldwide.
“Branch X is an exciting new innovation offering our customers a personalised virtual experience from the comfort of their homes. We may be in lockdown, but business must go on.”
Prior to this initiative BancABC already had WhatsApp banking where customers interacted through a chatbot Ally to transfer funds, pay bills and many more.

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